Is Cryptomania App Fake or Real



Cryptomania app fake or real

I have heard many terrible complains from Cryptomania users about the legitimacy of Cryptomania app. Many users are convinced that the app is a scam.  As someone who have personally used the app, I'm going to give my own review as to whether cryptomania app is fake or real.

As a trading simulator, Cryptomania makes it easy for beginners to understand the basics of cryptocurrency trading. The platform allows newbies to practice selling and buying of cryptocurrencies using virtual cash.

Allegations of Cryptomania Being a Scam

Here are some of the reasons many users are convinced the platform is a scam:

  • Cryptomania Withdrawal Problems
  • Many users have accused the platform of deliberately making it difficult to cash out their cryptocurrency
  • Others have also claimed Cryptomania is inflating its trading volume to attract new users
  • Cryptomania platform allegedly has a poor customer support including slow response times and unhelpful answers

However, despite all the challenges, many believe the platform is legit. Their argument in favor of its legitimacy are:

  • The platform is registered with the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which suggests that it is a legitimate business
  • Cryptomania has partnered with reputable firms, including simplex and MoonPay
  • Another reason many believe Cryptomania is legit and not fake is because of the enormous positive reviews from people who have actually used it

Down to our question: is Cryptomania app fake or real?

Well, Cryptomania is a trading simulator platform for beginners interested in understanding the basics of cryptocurrency trading. I have used it and have actually at once got frustrated.

However, as a trading simulator, it does not pay real money. This means that all the money you have made from the trading cannot be withdrawn. 

Therefore, Cryptomania is not a scam. It is for those interested in understanding the basics of how the crypto market works. Hope we answer your question?


Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Cryptomania wallet:

Is Cryptomania app legit or fake?

As someone who used Cryptomania app, I can say with confidence that the platform is not fake. It is simply for people interested in learning cryptocurrency trading.

What is Cryptomania app used for?

It is a platform for beginners to learn the basics of cryptocurrency trading

Can I get money from Cryptomania app?

No, you cannot make real cash from the app. Any cash you make from the app is a demo account which cannot be withdrawn.

Important Notice

Here are some recommendations when trading with any cryptocurrency platform:

  • Research the exchange thoroughly and read reviews from other users first
  • Always start with small amount. Make sure to deposit small 
  • Keep your eyes on the withdrawal limit, and make sure to withdraw regularly
  • Always use a strong password which include two-factor authentication

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