How to Withdraw Ebucks



How to Withdraw Ebucks
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Can I convert Ebucks to Rands? Is it possible to transfer ebucks to your cheque account? If you are here, it is obvious you are looking for answers to one of the above questions. In this post, we will teach you how to withdraw ebucks online either directly or indirectly from FNB.

Ebucks has one of the strictest policy when it comes to converting or withdrawing your ebucks to your bank account. Many users have over the years being looking for ways to cash out or convert their ebucks to rands. Why is this difficult?

What is Ebucks?

It is one of the popular platforms that allows customers to get rewards when they perform certain tasks in South Africa. Ebucks has been a leading rewarding platform in South Africa for over two decades.

Customers are usually rewarded once they perform some tasks. Some of the popular tasks to perform and get rewarded are shopping, filling up fuel, buying airtime, and many others on the platform or using the Ebucks card. Customers also get rewarded when they buy goods using their FNB or RMB Private Bank card. Keep reading to discover how to convert Ebucks to rands.

How to Withdraw Ebucks

As I indicated earlier, the platform has not made it possible to directly withdraw money from your Ebucks wallet. According to the company, Ebucks cannot be exchanged, sold, bartered, or redeemed for money. This means that you cannot directly withdraw or convert Ebucks to rands on the platform.

However, if you have Ebucks, you can indirectly withdraw them through several means. Below are some of the best ways to indirectly withdraw from your Ebucks:

  • You can use your Ebucks to buy gadgets such as appliances and electronics online
  • Book flights, car rentals, and accommodations with your Ebucks
  • You can also fill your tank at Engel fuel station using your Ebucks
  • Another way to indirectly withdraw your Ebucks is to shop or buy products at Ebucks partner shops across the country

Many people ask whether you can exchange your Ebucks for cash. Yes, if you have Ebucks that someone wants, you can exchange it for Rands. For instance, eB500 is currently equivalent to R50. This means that if you have 500 Ebucks, you can exchange it with someone for R50.

Benefits of Joining Ebucks Reward Program

Here are some of the benefits once you join the Ebucks reward program:

  • Ebucks reward program is completely free. You do not need to pay any money to join
  • Customers earn ebucks each time they use their FNB or RMB private bank account to pay for products.
  • Customers get or earn ebucks when they purchase products at any Ebucks partner shops
  • Users can be able to customize their spending on the Ebucks reward program. Individuals have the freedom to decide whether to pay for goods in part-pay or in full using their Ebucks or FNB or RMB Private Bank card

Summary on How to Withdraw Ebucks

  • Buy gadgets online using your Ebucks
  • Book flights, accommodations, car rentals using your Ebucks
  • Fill your tank at Engel fuel station using your Ebucks
  • Buy products at any Ebucks partner shop 


Below are some of the popular questions about withdrawing from Ebucks online:

Can I withdraw from Ebucks online?

At the moment, Ebucks does not support direct withdrawal to your bank account. However, there are several ways to indirectly withdraw or convert your ebucks to rands.

How do I convert Ebucks to Rands?

You can exchange them for cash with someone willing to buy. Another way is to buy products online using your Ebucks card.

Can I redeem FNB Ebucks?

Yes, you can redeem FNB Ebucks. Several Ebucks in-store partners in this country allow users to redeem their FNB Ebucks. To redeem your Ebucks, present your Ebucks card when paying for any product and enter your pin code. Any amount spent will be deducted from your Ebucks wallet.


As I indicated above, you cannot directly withdraw from Ebucks online to your bank account. You can only indirectly cash out Ebucks using the above method. Hope you fully understood how to withdraw Ebucks online directly or indirectly.

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