How to Withdraw BNB from Trust Wallet



How to Withdraw BNB from Trust Wallet
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You have earn crypto on the Trust wallet exchange but you do not know how to withdraw them to your bank account. Through enormous research, we have come out with the best way to withdraw BNB from Trust wallet to your bank account.

As a digital exchange, Trust Wallet allows users to store, buy, trade, receive, and send digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDTTether, and many others. However, the greatest challenge is withdrawawing. Many users are not able to withdraw from their Trust wallet account to their bank.

Unlike other cryptocurrency exchange wallets, Trust Wallet does not allow direct withdrawal of money to your bank account. In order to withdraw from Trust Wallet, you will need to first of all swap it for Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency. Keep reading to discover how to BNB from Trust Wallet.

How to Withdraw BNB from Trust Wallet 

As I said earlier, Trust Wallet does not currently have an option to let users withdraw from BNB to bank account. We will need to withdraw through a third party crypto exchange such as Bitcoin. 

There are several cryptocurrency exchange where we can withdraw Trust wallet to. However, the recommended crypto exchange is the Binance wallet. Therefore, we will need to withdraw to Binance first. Follow the steps below to withdraw BNB from Trust Wallet account:

1. Swap your Crypto to Binance

You will need to swap your crypto assets from Trust wallet to Binance. Log into your Trust wallet account to swap your coins

2. Create your Binance account by downloading the app from Google or Apple store. You can also create your Binance account on the website

3. Once you have successfully created and verify your Binance account, copy your Bitcoin address from the Binance app and paste it on the "Recipient's Address" field on the Trust wallet app. Enter the amount you wish to send to Binance and proceed to click on "Next"

4. Once you have initiated the transfer, wait for a few minutes to hours to receive your alert. The withdrawal process usually takes like 30 minutes average.

How to Cash Out from Binance to Bank Account

Once you have successfully transferred your crypto from Trust Wallet to Binance, you can now withdraw your BNB from Trust Wallet to your bank account or peer-to-peer withdrawal. Follow the steps below to withdraw from Binance:

  • Sign into your Binance account with your email and password
  • On your dashboard, navigate to the "withdraw" tab
  • Click "Fiat" to convert your cryptocurrency to money
  • Select your local currency and the method of payment
  • Enter the amount of cash you wish to sell or withdraw
  • Enter your bank account number, swift code, full name, and other useful information

Once you have withdrawn, your money will be deposited to your bank account within few working days. When to receive the money depends on your bank or location. However, for fast transaction, users are encouraged to sell through peer-to-peer trading.

Withdrawing BNB from Trust wallet to your bank account or mobile money might sound complex, but with proper explaining, you can be able to withdraw without hassle. It is for this reason we have taken out time to break it down for you.

About Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is one of the popular digital wallet that allows users to store, withdraw, send, and receive cryptocurrencies. Some of the popular cryptocurrencies available on Trust Wallet are Ethereum, USDTTether, Bitcoin, and Binance coin. Trust Wallet can be installed from both Google play store and Apple store.


Withdrawing from Trust Wallet to your bank account or mobile money is a straightforward process. At first it might seem complex, but once you get the understanding, you are good to go. We hope you have properly learnt how to withdraw BNB from Trust Wallet to your bank.

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