How to Use PalmPay Coupon



How to use palmpay coupon

What is the best way to convert Palmpay coupons to cash? How do I turn PalmPay coupon to cash? If you are here looking for ways to use your Palmpay coupon, you have come to the right place. In this article, you learn everything about using your Palmpay flexi coupon.

There are many instances when PalmPay issues coupons and Palmpay points to their customers when they carry out or perform certain transactions on the platform. Customers get the opportunity to use these coupons to offset up to 50% of all their transactions to be carried out.

This is essential because it enables customers to be able to save some money. Many customers also get heavy discounts on some of the products they are to buy. Despite these, many customers do not actually understand how to use their coupons. It is for this reason we have come out with this article so customers will understand how to use PalmPay coupon.

How to Use PalmPay Coupon

Below are the steps to use coupon on Palmpay app:

  • Log into your PalmPay account on the app using your email address and password or create your PalmPay account if you are using it for the first time
  • On your homepage, choose the the product you wish to apply the coupon to your cart
  • Tap on the "Apply coupon" or "Use Promo" icon
  • Finally, click on the "Apply" to apply your flexi coupon

Once you have selected your product and click on the apply, you will get discount on the your purchase. The discount amount will be reflected in your order or payment amount. For instance, if the product you are to purchase costs N1k, and your coupon is worth N1K, you will not be charged for any additional fees. However, if the price of the product is higher than the coupon amount, you will be asked to top up additional money.

How to Check Palmpay Coupon

Follow the steps below to check your PalmPay flexi coupon:

  • Log in to your PalmPay app or download and create your account to log in
  • Scroll down to the "Coupons" column on your homepage
  • Select a coupon from the available coupons
  • Finally, follow the remaining steps to check your coupon

Useful Tips for Using PalmPay Coupons

  • Ensure you always check the minimum transaction amount 
  • You must take notice of the terms and conditions of each coupon
  • Make sure you check the validity period of every coupon
  • Keep checking your PalmPay account so you do not miss any coupons

Possible reasons you could not apply your Coupon

  • Your coupon has expired
  • You are applying the coupon to a wrong product
  • You did not read the terms and conditions of the coupon
  • You entered a wrong coupon code or number 


Below are some of the popular questions about using your flexi coupons:

How do I use my Flexi Palmpay coupon?

To use your flexi coupon, all you need to do is to buy any product and apply the coupon to it. Use the instructions provided in this article. Also ensure to read the terms and conditions of the product.

Can I apply my Palmpay coupon?

Yes, you can apply for PalmPay coupon. Follow the steps below to apply:

  • Log into your PalmPay account with your credentials
  • Navigate to the "Coupons" section and enter your coupon code
  • Tap on "Apply " to apply your coupon 


Applying your PalmPay flexi coupon to a product is a straightforward process. All you need is to follow the steps provided here. We hope you have understood how to use PalmPay coupon to apply to a product.

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