Advantages and Disadvantages of Luno Wallet



Advantages and Disadvantages of Luno Wallet

I have received so many calls and emails from colleagues all over the world asking me to review Luno for them. I am very convinced a lot of people like you are interested in knowing how safe your money is with Luno platform.

As someone who once used Luno, I am not here to give a complete review as to whether or not Luno is reliable. As recommended by my friends, I am only here to tell you the advantages and disadvantages of Luno wallet.

Luno is a cryptocurrency platform that allows users to buy, sell, store and explore Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Luno is available in over 40 countries. 

Advantages of Luno Wallet

Here are some of the reasons you should use Luno wallet:

Luno has relatively one of the best low fees charges compared to other cryptocurrencies such as Coinbase

Luno also support a variety of payment methods. You can pay through bank transfer, mobile money, credit card, and others

The platform also supports a wider range of cryptocurrencies as compared to other platforms

Another advantage of Luno is that it has one of the best security and is considered as a safe and reliable crypto exchange platform

Disadvantages of Luno

Below are some reasons many people may not or will not be able to use Luno:

Luno is not available in many parts of the world. It is available only in about 40 countries or so

Unlike other cryptocurrency platforms, Luno has limited functionality, such as advanced features and trading tools

Another disadvantage of Luno is that it has a lower trading volume compared to most cryptocurrency exchanges. This usually results in less favorable prices for selling and buying cryptocurrencies

As you can see, the advantages of Luno are low fees charges, multiple payment methods, wide range of cryptocurrencies, high security and reliability.

The disadvantages of Luno are also lower trading volume as compared to other exchanges, available in few countries, and limited functionality.

There may be other advantages and disadvantages of the cryptocurrency exchange which I have not listed here. If you notice anything about the platform, you can drop your comment in the comments section below.

Overall, I can assure you that Luno is a great platform for those  interested in cryptocurrency trading, buying and storing of Bitcoins and other stuff. However, per the advantages and disadvantages stated here, you can be able to deduce it for yourself.

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