Invest 100 Naira and Earn Daily



Invest 100 Naira and Earn Daily
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Are you looking to invest about 1000 naira online and earn daily? Whether you have huge or small sum of money, there are investment opportunities online. In this article, we will teach you how to invest 100 naira and earn daily online in Nigeria.

While it is true 100 naira investment is small, with patience and commitment, you can achieve your goal. There are several ways to earn money online without even investment. Therefore, investing 1000 naira and earn daily is achievable.

There are several online platforms that allow users to invest small and get paid daily. However, these platforms are few. Most online investment platforms ay users monthly or even quarterly. Keep reading to learn how you will invest 1000 naira and earn daily online.

Invest 100 Naira and Earn Daily Online in Nigeria 

Here are some of the best ways to invest about 1000 naira and earn daily:

1. Invest in a Small-Scale Business

Putting money in stock and funds does not sorely mean best investment. You can earn daily when you invest in some small-scale businesses. If you have a ski or product idea, this may be the best opportunity for you. 

You can invest in small-scale businesses such as offering digital services, dropshipping business, or selling crafts. Your 100 naira investment can grow with into a business that generates daily earning with dedication and smart marketing.

2. Invest in Blogging

Blogging is another online job where you can invest 100 naira and earn daily. Most bloggers who earn daily other blogs started without even investment. You can create a blog today and start earning money in few months time without investment.

This means that, 100 naira is enough to invest in Blogging. You can create your free  Blogspot blog ann start writing unique articles. Once you have enough visitors, you can apply for monetization and start making money from your articles. With Blogging, you can invest just 1000 naira and earn daily online.

3. Micro-Investment Apps

Investment are are online platforms that allow investors to invest and earn money. These apps have revolutionized the way investors invest with minimal capital. Online investment apps allows customers to invest small amount of cash into fractional shares of stock, and other assets such as ETFs etc.

With just 1000 naira, you can start your investment journey and earn daily as your investment grows. Some popular online investment apps are Across, Robinhood, Stash and many others.

4. Peer-to-Peer Lending

Peer-to-Peer Lending can be another potential way to invest 1000 naira and earn daily. This kind of investment connects people who need loans with investors like you. When you invest 100 naira across multiple loans, you can diversify your risk and earn daily interest as borrowers repay their loans. 

You can offer loans to borrowers on popular platforms such as Prosper and Lending club. You get the opportunity to lend to others and earn daily interest.

Summary on How to Invest 1000 Naira and Earn Daily in Nigeria

You can invest just 100 naira online in Nigeria and earn daily through the following:

  • Invest in a Profitable Blog
  • Peer-to-Peer Lending
  • Invest in Online Investment Platforms
  • Invest in a Small-Scale Business

Other Useful Information

  • Since 100 naira is small, you may not get big profit enough to feed a family. You may therefore consider investing enormous money so you can get more profit
  • Most investments are long-term plan. Therefore, you should understand the basics of investment before investing
  • You should also understand the risks involved in investing money online since most investment platforms may be scam


You can invest 100 naira and earn daily online in Nigeria by taking advantage of online investment platforms, Peer-to-Peer lending, blogging and many others. You can invest any amount including 1000 naira and earn daily.

However, as I said earlier, you need to understand that the smaller the money, the little the interest. We hope you have understood everything about investing 100 or 1000 naira online in this country.

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